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Overall x11 performance

Type Chip Hashrate Power H/W Cost* Reward Profit** Int Freq
GPU308042.921 MH334 W128.505 kH0.036880.00000-0.03688201815
GPU1080 Ti21.189 MH180 W117.878 kH0.019850.00000-0.01985151721
GPU2070 SUPER19.875 MH112 W177.451 kH0.012370.00000-0.01237201380
GPU16609.251 MH---0.00000--1785
GPU10504.009 MH---0.00000-201455

* Device power cost per day based on 0.25 USD per kWh
** Reward and profit are based on the average estimates from the last 24 hours

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