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Overall neoscrypt performance

Type Chip Hashrate Power H/W Cost* Reward Profit** Int Freq
GPU1080 Ti1.362 MH217 W6.29 kH0.181700.00000-0.18170141672
GPU1070 Ti1.197 MH165 W7.272 kH0.138170.00000-0.13817141683
GPU10701.062 MH147 W7.226 kH0.123320.00000-0.12332111756
GPU1080909.497 kH165 W5.498 kH0.138800.00000-0.13880161810
GPU980 Ti756.204 kH182 W4.163 kH0.152430.00000-0.15243-1076
GPUP106-100662.075 kH101 W6.57 kH0.084550.00000-0.08455141708
GPU1060 6GB653.564 kH107 W6.089 kH0.090060.00000-0.09006141760
GPU1060 3GB632.373 kH109 W5.782 kH0.091770.00000-0.09177111739
GPU970537.864 kH161 W3.336 kH0.135290.00000-0.13529151256
GPU1050 Ti449.204 kH85 W5.285 kH0.071320.00000-0.0713271467
GPU1050371.699 kH---0.00000-111476
GPU970M371.428 kH81 W4.571 kH0.068180.00000-0.06818-1038
GPU960369.746 kH84 W4.406 kH0.070420.00000-0.07042-1241
GPU950284.35 kH87 W3.255 kH0.073300.00000-0.07330151190
GPU1030215.193 kH---0.00000-51480
GPU750 Ti210.348 kH66 W*3.173 kH0.055620.00000-0.05562131148
GPU960M173.747 kH---0.00000-151176
GPU750160.722 kH78 W*2.061 kH0.065450.00000-0.06545141238
GPU920MX80.285 kH---0.00000-14993
CPUi7-6850K42.884 kH---0.00000--3600

* Device power cost per day based on 0.25 USD per kWh
** Reward and profit are based on the average estimates from the last 24 hours

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